Home Tour// An Eye-catching Flat on the Isle of Wight

Names: Lorena and Terry

Location: Isle of Wight, UK

Home Size: 2 bed, 1 bath, 900sqft

Lorena is a designer and artist working mostly in the textile industry, while Terry leads a creative agency that works primarily with street artists. So it is no surprise that their flat on the Isle of Wight in the UK, is not short on bright colors, fun textiles, and cool design elements. Earthy furniture is surrounded by unique patterns found on vintage pieces, and an assortment of beautiful artwork. It is clear that every tiny detail was considered when decorating this space, and the artful way in which it was curated is an obvious reflection of the couple's creative souls.

Lorena and Terry decided to buy this apartment as an investment property, while acting as a second home to have during their family visits to the Isle of Wight, where Terry is originally from. Because they both live and work in Los Angeles, they knew the place would be empty most of the year, so the only logical option for them was to put it up on Airbnb. "This would offset the monthly mortgage costs and justify decorating it from head-to-toe right off the bat." - Lorena

Terry and Lorena in Los Angeles.

Terry and Lorena in Los Angeles.

What was the inspiration for your overall look and feel of your home? 

We’ve had our Los Angeles home for over 3 years now and its look, feel and decor has moved very slowly compared to how fast we put this new apartment together. To this day, we have not painted a single wall, and are just now beginning to hang up a substantial amount of artwork. The most prominent decor piece is a dinner table that took us about a year to buy. So I saw the new apartment as a blank canvas to start over and maybe do some of the things I wish I could have done in our L.A. home. 

Like any home owners, we wanted the place to be representative of us both. But since we decided it was going to be on Airbnb for most of the year, it had to reflect us in a less outwardly way, since it was now going to be a home for visiting guests—people who would be interacting with it and experiencing it in totally different ways. I think the success of the decor comes in the subtle ways we are expressing each our distinct styles through design; from our handpicked artwork, favorite plants, and color combinations, to handmade textiles, found vintage objects with history, and custom made storage and shelving components to optimize the shortage on space. Even though there's not a single photo of us in the apartment, or any one item that is extremely personal to us—our backgrounds and personalities left their mark through these elements. - Lorena

What is your favorite component of the home? 

I found myself enjoying the open plan kitchen, and living area, and the bedroom for its skylight. I think because our own place has a more traditional, sectioned layout—going through rooms to get to another, I welcomed this new way of interacting within a home. Even though the new apartment is smaller, the open plan adds a layer of transparency, and inclusion of everyone inside. - Lorena

What was the biggest challenge when decorating your home? 

Being in another country! All I had while working on the decor was a floor plan with measurements and photos I had taken on my phone when we were viewing the place for the first time. About 80% of the furniture and decor pieces (including rugs, vintage pieces and dried flowers), I sourced and bought online—cross checking measurements over and over again (from centimeters to inches and back), and really taking my time to read the descriptions of items, the materials, the type of assembly, the weight (for shipping purposes). It was a long couple of months of selecting, buying, shipping, and at times sending items back. When we actually flew to England with the remaining stuff we hadn’t shipped there already—a lot of that work paid off in that most things worked well, others turned out looking better in totally different layouts or rooms, but that was also part of the fun. - Lorena


Living room pouf: Overstock

Gold planters: Overstock

Living room rocking chair: Overstock

Green Leather Chair: Overstock

Living room rug: Overstock

Small area rug in study: Overtsock

Vintage decor pieces: Two vendors from Etsy and here

Dried flowers and grasses: Etsy

Wooden hooks for peg wall in study: Etsy


Our Backyard: Update


After meeting with a landscaper who initially said that we could do everything we wanted to do within our budget, he then came back to us with plans that were three times the cost of our budget. That is when we realised that A) we couldn't afford a proper landscaper and B) we could probably do an amazing job ourselves while staying under our budget. 

So thats what we have decided to do. We are going to get creative, get resourceful, and get our hands dirty while making 1908902380 trips to Home Depot and back, and I couldn't be more excited! 

We have already made a lot of progress since the last backyard update , and were soo close to being done, so I thought I would share an update before the big reveal! So please bear with me because it's still not that pretty, but it's getting closer!! 

The one thing we did not do ourselves was levelling the backyard, we hired someone to do this, and to lay the grass seed for us. The guys did a great job, for a really fair price.

The one thing we did not do ourselves was levelling the backyard, we hired someone to do this, and to lay the grass seed for us. The guys did a great job, for a really fair price.

Next, we bought these  white rocks  from Home Depot, and laid them out in our desired pattern. We wanted to do something that would complement the shape of our septic tank coverings, which is why we went with this curved design. We are planning on spray painting the tops white so they blend in better.

Next, we bought these white rocks from Home Depot, and laid them out in our desired pattern. We wanted to do something that would complement the shape of our septic tank coverings, which is why we went with this curved design. We are planning on spray painting the tops white so they blend in better.

Poppy and Pixie loved helping me with this part!

Poppy and Pixie loved helping me with this part!

Next we purchased many bags of  pea gravel  from Home Depot, and spread them out like above.

Next we purchased many bags of pea gravel from Home Depot, and spread them out like above.

After all the gravel was laid out, we washed it off with a hose, and pressed it down using this tool.

After all the gravel was laid out, we washed it off with a hose, and pressed it down using this tool.


Now, all we have to do is wait for the grass to grow, get the plants in, and purchase some new outdoor dining furniture. We are so close to being done! I can't wait to show you all, once it is finally finished! 

Our Backyard: Before + Plans

Here are some pictures of what our backyard looked like before we started doing any work to it. 

Backyard- before
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 13.02.44.png

The previous owner made these amazing garden beds, and filled them all up with tomatoes. He also planted a few fruit trees. The yard was nice, but we felt like the space was not utilised as best as it could be. I always dreamed of having a big backyard with grass for the kids to run around, but I also liked the garden beds and fruit trees that were already here. So we decided to wait awhile and live with the backyard as it was. The tomatoes started to grow, and we had way to many to handle. We gave them out to neighbours, brought them into school, and work, and we still had enough to feed an entire village! 

We picked this many tomatoes every week!

We picked this many tomatoes every week!

So we enjoyed the tomatoes until the season was over, and then we decided to take the garden beds out, to make room for some grass. We gave some of the garden beds to our neighbours, and we held onto another one to relocate to our side yard. So don't worry, nothing was wasted! We also took out the fruit trees and were able to save them and re-plant some, and gave a few to our friends. But man oh man, digging out tree's is no joke! That task took us a whole weekend, but we were glad we did it ourselves and were able to save some mulla. 

Our little helper!

Our little helper!

Here is a little inspiration as to what we are planning on doing. A hot tub is a must because my husband is obsessed with them. He will be in them, even in the hottest weather, like Palm Springs and Vegas. He is crazy, but I love him and I have a lot of time for hot tubs! We also want a wood deck that surrounds the hot tub, but this all depends on if it fits into our budget. The deck might have to wait a few years if it doesn't. We definitely want an outdoor dining area, and a separate area with lounge furniture where we can relax and hang. I want the whole vibe of the yard to be tropical. I'm thinking palm tree's, bird of paradise, and lots of colorful flowers. What do you guys think of my mood board, do you think I can pull this look together? 

backyard mood board

DIY// Wallpapered Stairs

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs https://popixdesigns.com/popixblog/2018/5/14/diy-wallpaper-stairs

I'm always trying to find fun ways to turn our house into a home. I love putting personal touches on our home to make it feel more like us. One of my next home projects is getting the guest room in order, and when I was browsing wallpaper ideas online on Walls Need Love, I saw that they featured wallpaper stairs, which is what inspired this project. Using removable wallpaper, this project was so much easier than I thought it wold be! I did it over the course of two days while Pixie was napping, so about a total of four hours. Not bad if you ask me!

What you will need:

  1. Fun removable wallpaper of your choice. I got mine here at Walls Need Love

  2. A tape measurer

  3. An exacto knife and plenty of new blades

  4. A T-Ruler (for best results)

  5. A regular ruler, or drafting triangle

  6. Some kind of credit card, gift card, etc

  7. A large cutting board.


DIY How to wallpaper your stairs

1. Measure your stairs, and order enough wallpaper so that you have some extra, allowing room for error. 

2. Measure first stair with your measuring tape, and make a note of the dimensions. Now add one inch to each dimension. 

3.Using your exacto knife, and your T-ruler, ( I used a drafting triangle because that was all I had, but a T-ruler will work best) Cut out the dimensions of your first stair, with the added one inch on each side. 

  4. Lay your wallpaper up against your first stair. It should have an overhang of about one inch on each side. If it does, you are ready to stick your paper on. 

5. Peel the backing off your wallpaper, and place the top two corners on your stair. With your credit card, slowly press wallpaper down so that it is covering the entire stair with out any air bubbles. If it doesn't look great the first time you can peel off and do it again. That's the beauty of this wallpaper!

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs

6.Once your wallpaper is laying smooth against your stair, press your ruler or drafting triangle against the bottom edge of the stair where the excess wallpaper is hanging, and use your Exacto knife to cut a straight edge. Do this for the side edge as well. 


7. Peel away the excess wall paper strip from each side, and use your credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. 

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs



8. Repeat until stairs are finished. Note be sure to measure each stair separately because their may be discrepancies in height or length. Also be sure to change your exacto knife blade frequently, as a dull knife will not cut paper smoothly. 

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs! https://popixdesigns.com/popixblog/2018/5/14/diy-wallpaper-stairs
DIY Wallpapered stairs
DIY wallpaper stairs
E-Design Interior Design services

Let me know what you think of my wallpapered stairs in the comment section below. Would you try this trend? Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Hope you have a beautiful day!!



A Simple Upgrade That Makes A Massive Difference

I think most people would agree that Kitchens are an important part of any home. Kitchens are often the heart of the house, where everyone gathers to eat, drink, and socialise. Kitchens are also one of the smartest places in the home to invest in. However, kitchen remodels are not cheap, but they're a few things that you can do to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen instantly, that are inexpensive. One of them being changing the kitchen hardware. 

When we moved into our house, there were a lot of things that needed upgrading. The kitchen however was not exactly old, and had been remodelled a few years before we moved in. Although the kitchen looked new, it wasn't quite our style, and it wouldn't have been our first choice if we were designing the house ourselves.  We loved the modern style of the kitchen, and we loved the white backsplash, but there was something that wasn't sitting right with us. Maybe it was the fact that there was so much wood; wood cabinets, wood countertops, and now new hardwood floors. So we thought that if we could paint the kitchen cabinets a dark grey color, and leave the wood counter tops exposed, and then replaced the hardware with gold handles, that would be a great contrasting look. However, we got a few quotes to get the cabinets painted, and everything was way out of our budget. I did contemplate painting them my self, and I still might do that one day, but I wanted to work with what we had, and spend the least amount of money possible. That's when I had the idea to change the kitchen hardware to matte black handles. I knew the black handles would look great against the light oak wood cabinets, and they would go well with the black chairs we had in our breakfast nook. So I did some searching on the internet and found these great matte black handles from Houzz. We made sure they were the right size for our current cabinets, and as soon as they arrived my husband installed them super fast, and boy did they make a difference. See below for the before and after shots, and let me know what you think.

Are you ready to make this simple upgrade? I've shared some other great hardware options if your in the market for some new handle pulls. Take a peak below! 






Black Kitchen Hardware
Kitchen update

Shop Cabinet Drawer Pulls! 


3 Colorful Homes, That Will Make You Want To Redecorate Your Own.

I've always loved bright colors when it comes to decor, but decorating with colors can be tricky. A lot of people will choose to decorate with neutral colors, because it is easier to find stuff that will match with neutrals. Decorating with color definitely takes time, and a lot of thought goes into it.

Recently I've come across three colorful homes that make me want to re-think my current design situation. I'm so inspired by these homes, and definitely want to add some more color to my home after seeing them. I think I'll start slow, by going to flea markets to search for the perfect colorful piece to add to my home.  The fun thing about flea markets, is you never know what you're going to find. Everything at flea markets have a story behind them. How cool would it be if everything vintage had a sticker on it, to tell you it's back story. "Hey I'm a vintage lamp from the 60's, I've lived in twelve different homes, and seen stuff you couldn't dream of". Ok, maybe I'm crazy but I think that would be awesome! 

So here they are, three bright, and beautiful, colorful homes to inspire you today. 

1) Jonathan Lo from Happy Mundane home Photographed by Dabito 


2) Manish Arora Colorful Paris Apartment


3) Dabito from OLD BRAND NEW, one of my favorite designers for color inspiration. 


10 Things I Fancy // A Girls Room

Last week I shared some of the cutest kids rooms around the world, as I searched for inspiration for Poppy and Pixie's room. This week I'm sharing ten items, that are sure to get you closer to curating one of those adorable kids rooms. 

So take a peak below, shop the links if you please, and let me know which ones you love! 

xxx L

Girls room

The Cutest Kids Rooms Around The World.

Ever since we moved into our new house, Poppy and Pixie have been sharing a bedroom, with mixed furniture from Pixie's nursery, and Poppy's old room, the end results are a bit of a hodgepodge. Needless to say, I can't wait for Pixie to get a bit bigger, so she can fit in a twin size bed, and I can finish decorating their bedroom. Until then, I guess I will just have to drool over all the other cute kids rooms around the world. Take a scroll for some serious inspiration! Hope you enjoy!



This room by Change and co was designed by Susan Chango, and I think we can all agree it's nothing short of adorable.

This room by Change and co was designed by Susan Chango, and I think we can all agree it's nothing short of adorable.

This room was designed by one of my favorite designers Amber Lewis, from  Amber Interiors . I love the custom built in bed, with the wall paper. It makes the room appear so much bigger.

This room was designed by one of my favorite designers Amber Lewis, from Amber Interiors. I love the custom built in bed, with the wall paper. It makes the room appear so much bigger.

Ness who lives on the sunny coast of Australia, designed this room for her daughters. A curated boho room, filled with bright playful colors and textures. For more cuteness overload head to Ness's  blog.

Ness who lives on the sunny coast of Australia, designed this room for her daughters. A curated boho room, filled with bright playful colors and textures. For more cuteness overload head to Ness's blog.

This bunk bed is by  Fun Furniture Collective , you gotta check them out if you're after a unique kids bed.

This bunk bed is by Fun Furniture Collective, you gotta check them out if you're after a unique kids bed.

This room was designed by Petite Interiors Co. located in Australia (why are their so many good designers down unda?!

This room was designed by Petite Interiors Co. located in Australia (why are their so many good designers down unda?!

Image via Pinterest. Love the sleek and modern design of the bunk bed.

Image via Pinterest. Love the sleek and modern design of the bunk bed.

this room was designed in Norway. Image via  NR13b . Can we all agree that a swing in a kids room is so cool!

this room was designed in Norway. Image via NR13b. Can we all agree that a swing in a kids room is so cool!

Found Image via Pinterest, source unknown. Loving the unique use of paint here. It's making a hard case against wall paper for me.

Found Image via Pinterest, source unknown. Loving the unique use of paint here. It's making a hard case against wall paper for me.

This room was designed by Russian Interior designer  Ekaterina Domracheva . It makes me question what kid wouldn't want a climbing wall in their bed room?

This room was designed by Russian Interior designer Ekaterina Domracheva. It makes me question what kid wouldn't want a climbing wall in their bed room?

So their you have it, some of my favorite kids rooms under the sun. Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned because I'll be sharing some amazing kids decor pieces you can buy soon. But for now, I'll finish my glass of vino, now that the kids are in bed, and I have a little down time until tomorrow....



DIY Pink Hair

Pink Hair, Don't Care! 

If you have a young daughter, the chances are that her favorite color is probably pink! Poppy turned four last December, and she has loved the color pink for a while now. If it were up to her, she would wear pink shoes, pink socks, pink leggings, and a pink dress everyday. Thankfully, it is not always up to her, but the girl does love pink! So I figured I should give her some rock star pink hair while it's still her favorite color. And what better time to dye a girl's hair pink, than Valentine's Day? 

The good thing about this hair dye, is that it is temporary. It washes out in four to eight shampoos, which is why I decided to get in on the fun too!  I've always wanted pink hair, but I was perpetually worried I would not like it, or I would get sick of it after a while, so this was the perfect solution for me. Now that I have done this a few times, I figured I would share some tips and tricks for achieving the perfect shade of pink that you are craving. 

I used L'OREAL Colorista semi-permanent hair dye in pink! An important thing to know, is that this product will only work on blonde hair, or bleached hair. Poppy has natural blonde highlights, so the dye tends to only stick to her blonde hair, and does not show up on her darker strands. The end result looks more like pink highlights, rather than a whole head of pink hair, but I prefer that look anyways. 

If you have bleached hair like me, you will want to be careful with how long you leave the dye on your hair for. I had just gotten my hair highlighted before I did this, and my hairdresser mentioned that my hair would be very porous, and that it might soak up the pink dye easily, so she recommended that I mix my hair dye with conditioner to tone it down a bit.

Since Poppy has very fine hair, with no bleach, I decided to dye her hair first. I put her in the bathtub, to avoid making a mess, or getting hair dye on her clothes. I only used half the tube of dye on her hair, and then proceeded to follow the directions that came with the hair dye. I made sure to saturate her hair completely in dye, and then I set a timer for 30 minutes. Poppy was happy to play in the bath with her toys while the dye set in, and I got started on my own hair. 

Dying our hair pink!

Luckily my mother in law is in town right now, and she was the one who dyed my hair. After I had mixed the remaining hair dye, with equal parts conditioner, she began to paint my hair pink. She started by painting the bottom of my hair, and worked her way up, dyeing the front pieces of my hair last where the bleach was the most prominent. We set the timer for ten minutes, and washed off a tiny bit of hair when the timer went off. This allowed us to see how my hair was reacting to the dye. It looked pretty pink after ten minutes, so I decided to hop in the shower and rinse the rest off, since I didn't want to go ultra pink like Poppy. The end results turned out to be more of a rose gold, which I was very happy about. 

pink hair .JPG
poppy hair .jpg
poppy .jpg

Now who's ready to dye their hair pink?! Feel free to share photos of your pink hair, and any tips or tricks that I should know, in the comments section below.

Happy Valentines Day!! 



Life Hacks!

We all have that useful piece of advice that we have learned from someone we respect in life. Sometimes these tips seem tiny, but these are the things that stick with us, the things we follow to this day, and the things we will pass along to our future generations. Some may be wives tales, and others may seem like the best life hacks ever! Here are some of my favorite tips. What have you learned along the way? Let me know if the comments!



life hacks!

Put a penny in the bottom of your vase, the flowers will last longer.

  • Always book flights on Tuesdays, for the cheapest prices! Additionally, clear your cache or use chrome’s incognito tabs when booking flights if you’ve been browsing for flights recently. They hike up the price if they can tell you’ve been looking!

  • If you cook with garlic, buy the pre-peeled ones and put them in the freezer. Frozen garlic comes out of the press so easily and doesn't go bad. 

  • Pineapple juice is five times more effective at treating a cough, then cough medicine. 

  • Freeze an onion 15 minutes before cutting it, to keep you from tearing up. 

  • Press 9 on your phone if you are getting a call from a telemarketer. Don't say anything, it will add your phone number to the do not call list. 

  • Run a cut avocado under cold water to keep it from browning. 

  • If your leg falls asleep, keep squeezing your thigh to wake it up. 

  • Store batteries in the fridge to extend their lifespan. 

  • If your cell phone gets wet, put it in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight to dry it out, and get it working again. 

  • When traveling on an airplane, wipe down the folding tray with antibacterial wipes before your flight, to avoid getting sick. 

clean blinds with tongs

Wrap a microfiber cloth around kitchen tongs to clean window blinds.

  • Use Pine-Sol in the bottom of your toilet brush container, to keep the brush clean, and the bathroom smelling fresh. 

  • Use a garbage bag as a garment bag when moving and packing clothes on hangers. 

  • Clean your make-up brushes in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. 

  • 68 degrees in the optimal temperature for deep sleep. 

Blinds or Curtains?!

Blinds Vs. Curtains? Which do you prefer? 

I use to always prefer blinds to curtains, and I'm not sure why? Maybe it was because I always associated curtains with grandma's house, which wasn't very stylish. However, lately I have been drawn to curtains, and the many design possibilities that come with them. So lets get into it, because both have their pros and cons. 

While blinds tend to be more affordable and precise in light control, curtains can add instant style as well as fun textures to any space. But then again who doesn't like good black out blinds for when your hung over and need to sleep. Anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas, knows what I'm talking about! Blinds are usually easier to clean, but tend to need cleaning more often. However, Curtains can be changed more frequently than blinds, which makes curtains appealing to someone like me, who is always switching up their home decor. 

We currently have dated wood blinds that are super heavy and hard to pull up. They came with the house, and I was hoping to replace them with some modern blinds, but now I think I'm leaning towards curtains, with either gold, black or wood curtain rods. Or maybe a combination of a few throughout the house. Who knows, the possibilities are endless! 

So  what do you prefer, blinds or curtains? Have a look below for some pictorial examples of each option and let me know what you think! 



Image via Apartment 34

Image via Apartment 34

Image via Alison Allen

Image via Alison Allen

Image via Ashley Kane

Image via Ashley Kane

image via Apartment Therapy

image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Erin Francois    Shop some of my favorite looks

Image via Erin Francois

Shop some of my favorite looks

How to Tile a Backsplash

DIY Hexagon tile backsplash .jpg

If you are thinking about tiling a backsplash in your bathroom, but are worried it will be hard, think again! I have never tiled anything previous to this bathroom, but my mom had so she gave me the confidence to do it with her help. We figured the space that we are tiling is so small, it can't be that hard, and we were right! This project was much easier than I expected, so I figured I would give you a step by step process on how to tile a bathroom backsplash. 

What you will need:

  1. Tile, this is the one I used, but you can pick whatever tile you want. If you get something with a mesh backing, it will be easier!

  2. Pre Mixed Grout (I used white, but you can choose a different color depending on the look you are going for)

  3. Tile Adhesive

  4. Notched Margin Trowel

  5. Grout Float

  6. large cleaning sponge

  7. Wet Tile Saw (you can also rent these at home depot if you don't want to buy it)

  8. Paint Sticks you can also use spacers but I found these to work better.

  9. Kitchen and Bath Caulk

  10. Caulk Gun

Now let me take you step by step how to tile like a pro! 

  1. Measure the space that you are tiling.

  2. Pick out your tile, and purchase your materials. Be sure to get a little extra tile so you have room for error.

  3. Lay out your tile, so that you know what pieces are going where. If you buy tile with a mesh backing like I did, this is pretty easy. I then taped the tile against the wall with painters tape to make sure I liked the lay-out. This also showed me where I needed to cut tile.


Step 3

4. Once you have figured out which tiles you need to cut. use a wet saw to cut your tiles. I had to cut a bunch of hexagon tiles in half to fill in the bottom edge that lined up against my counter. I also had to cut some small triangles to fit in the corners of the wall. My Mom actually ended up cutting most of the tiles for me, but we watched this great video on youtube that shows you exactly how to do it. 

5. Now make sure to cover your counter top with something so that you don't get adhesive and grout all over it. I just used a plastic garbage bag and taped it to the counter with painters tape. 

6. Once you have everything laid out exactly like you want it, you will be ready to start applying the adhesive. But make sure you leave room to grout the area where your counter meets your tile. We laid painters sticks on top of the counter to do this. Some people use spacers, but I found the painter sticks to work better because they did not move around.(I also had a big gap between the wall and counter on one side, and the painters sticks hid this gap) After that, you will be ready to apply the adhesive. You do this by using your notched margin trowel. Make sure you only go over the wall in the area where you will be laying the tile. Since we decided to leave an unfinished edge with the hexagon tile at the top, we decided to trace the tile while it was taped to the wall. That way we knew where to put the adhesive. Make sure to only apply adhesive to the area where you are about to tile. For example, the tile that I bought came in four pieces that were attached to the mesh backing. Only apply adhesive to the small area where the first section of the tile is going. 

7. After you apply the adhesive to the wall, place your tile on the wall. Start by placing the bottom of the tile against the wall and slowly work your way up. Don't be afraid to manoeuvre the tile so that it looks straight. You can even take the tile down, and do it again if the first time doesn't look perfect, but try to avoid this if you can. Then place the tile that you cut to fill the empty spaces at the bottom, top, or corners of your tiled area. 

DIY Backsplash using hexagon tile

8. Once your tile is stuck to the wall, you will need to tap the tile hard against the wall with your Grout Float. Again, the video that I mentioned above shows you how to do all of this, but I'm including some helpful tips that he did not. 

9. Continue to follow steps five and six until all your tile is attached to the wall. 

10. Take out the painters sticks, or spacers so that they do not get glued to the wall. 

11. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely before grouting. I think I waited about 24 hours before I grouted mine, but the adhesive container will say how long it takes to dry.

12. To grout, spread some grout on your grout float and apply it to the tiled area. Make sure to use diagonal strokes so that the grout goes into the gaps evenly. Keep going over the tiled area until all the gaps are filled with grout. 

DIY backsplash using hexagon tile

13. If you are leaving an unfinished edge like I did at the top, you can either caulk the top of the tile, or grout it using your fingers. I decided to grout the edges of the tile with my fingers. I then cleaned up any excess grout with a wet cotton swab. 

DIY backsplash using hexagon tile

14. Once you have finished grouting everything, you will need to wash off the excess grout with your large damp sponge. Make sure the sponge is not too wet to insure it doesn't ruin the grout that you just applied. 

15. Once the grout is fully dried (about 24 hours) You will then need to caulk the bottom of the tile where the edge of the tile meets the counter so that there is no gap showing. To do this, insert the caulk into the caulk gun and push the leaver on the gun while you move the gun along the counter.

16.After the caulk has dried, Yippee, and congrats because you are done!

DIY hexagon tile backsplash
DIY How to tile a bathroom backsplash
DIY how to tile a bathroom backsplash
How to tile a backsplash using hexagon tile. https://popixdesigns.com/popixblog/2017/12/27/how-to-tile-a-backsplash

I'm happy to say that tilling a backsplash is not that hard! If I can do it, so can you! This was a fun weekend project that did not take that long. About three hours the first day, an hour the second day, and about 15 minutes the last day. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below, and Happy tiling!! 

A Tiny Bathroom Remodel

Our Tiny Bathroom Remodel on a Budget! 

When we first moved into our home, everything was a bit dated, and not really our style which made me eager to start renovating our new home. The first update we made to our home was installing new hardwood floors. We used a great company called Pacific Hardwood Flooring. We asked the owner Jay, who was also managing our project if he could take the tile out of our downstairs bathroom, since he was already going to have to use a jackhammer to take out the rest of the tile throughout our house. He said it would not be a problem, which made our lives much easier! We were originally intending to put this beautiful hexagon tile from Riad Tile into our bathroom, but Jay and his team accidentally ended up installing hardwood floors in our bathroom as well. Jay said that it was their fault and if we wanted to keep it, he was not going to charge us for it, so we decided to keep the hardwood floor in our bathroom, and I'm quite happy we did! It not only saved us money, but It actually makes our small bathroom (30 Sq ft)  look a bit bigger since there is no transition of flooring from the bathroom to the hallway. 

Now that we had new floors, it was time to get a new sink! The one we picked out is from Ikea, However, we made a few changes to it so that it wouldn't necessary look like an Ikea sink anymore.  The first addition to our ikea sink, was adding a matte black faucet. We then ordered custom ikea doors from SemiHandmade, this brilliant company that produces handmade doors that fit ikea cabinets. Once the ikea sink arrived, we had our local handyman install it, along with the new black matte faucet. Then my husband was able to easily install the custom doors once they arrived. I ordered some black handle pulls from build.com that my husband also installed and Voila, We have a new sink! I also found a great mirror from Ikea that seems to tie to whole look together. 

My Mom and I picked up some hexagon tile from Home Depot, and we managed to tile the backsplash on our own. I plan on writing a post on how to do that later this week, so please stay tuned! 

Since our shower and bath tub didn't look too old, we decided to keep the general white square tile while choosing to spend our money on updating the shower head to a matte black finish to match our new sink. I am so happy we made these small changes, because what use to be a dated bathroom, now looks so fresh and modern! 

A few final touches included adding matte black towel racks, a black toilet paper holder, a black shower rod, and hanging a beautiful print that we found while vacationing in Hawaii in a matte black picture frame. 

The total cost of our bathroom remodel was less then $1,500 which I was pretty pretty happy about! So take a peak below, and let me know what you think! Have you done your own bathroom remodel as well? Share a link in the comments. 




matte black fixtures
Ikea mirror!
Hexagon Back Splash
Black accents
our ikea sink updated!

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The Best Gifts For Mom This Holiday Season!

The Best Gifts for Mom! 

As a Mom, I know how much we do for the family, and after having two children, I have really learned to appreciate my own Mom and all that she does for me and my family. After all your Mom gave you life, one of the best gifts anyone could ever give you, so why not give her something amazing this year! I have rounded up some great gift idea's that I think most mom's would love, and one of  them is even free! 

  1. Give the Gift of Travel!! Who wouldn't want this one?! Airbnb is now offering gift cards that don't expire! A weekend away in Napa Valley Wine Country, or a winter vacation in Tahoe? Yes please, sign me up! The possibilities are endless with an Airbnb gift card, and I highly doubt Mom will be disappointed. 

  2. Slippers! What Mom doesn't love a good pair of slippers?! I wouldn't mind slipping my feet into either of these two pairs!

3. Mom's Day Out!  If your a husband buying for the mother of your children why not gift her a home made coupon that you make with your children for a 'Mom's day out'. Offer to take the kids for the day, so she can get a pedicure, or go shopping with her friends with out feeling guilty. 

4. A beautiful vase! That way when you send her flowers, she will be reminded of your generous gift that keeps on giving. 

5. An aerating wine glass! This one is for the Mom who has everything! Chances are if she likes wine, she will love this gift! 


Holiday Home Tour

Take a look inside our home, for the Holidays

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over at our house! I started to deck the halls this past weekend, and I plan on finishing the downstairs area this weekend. I had so much fun decorating our living room, and although I did not manage to get as many good photos as I wanted (I'm still teaching myself how to be a photographer) I was able to capture enough decent shots that I was happy with for now. Who knew being a blogger was so much work?! You have to wear so many hats, producer, photographer, stylist, marketer, and the list goes on!! Anyways, I hope I can inspire some of you to get into the Holiday Spirit if you arn't already in it! Merry Christmas Friends! 


Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor
Christmas Office.
Christmas Tree 2017
Decorating the tree

Poppy Putting her Poppy Troll Ornament on the tree, while Pixie tries to help too! 

Poppy was so excited to help me decorate this year! She was the best little helper, and loved handing me all the ornaments so that I could hang them on the tree. 

Holiday Bar Cart

I think our Bar cart will get a lot of use this season, since we are hosting Christmas at our house this year. My mom was in town this weekend, and made me an amazing Whisky and eggnog cocktail that was to die for, and I don't even like Whisky!! 

My DIY peace wreath that can be found  here . 

My DIY peace wreath that can be found here

Below you can shop my holiday look. If some of the items are no longer available I have linked similar product. Enjoy! 


Source: holiday decor

DIY Rosemary Peace Wreath

DIY Rosemary & Eucalyptus Peace Wreath

As I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for Christmas decoration inspiration I saw so many beautiful DIY wreaths. I was tempted to try one of these beautiful wreathes like the one below. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 19.29.16.png

However|, these wreathes were starting to clog up my feed, so I figured they were not very original. I then stubbled upon a few peace wreathes which inspired me to make my own. 

This Rosemary and Eucalyptus Wreath is the easiest thing to make! It only took me about 10 minutes. I choose to use Rosemary, because I have loads of it in my backyard, but you could use trimmings from a Christmas Tree as well. Both will be sure to make your home smell Amazing! You can put this wreath on your front door, or hang in on a wall inside your home like I did. 

What you will need:

  1. Rosemary

  2. Eucalyptus

  3. Some kind of ring. I used this one because I originally intended to make a wreath like the one pictured above, but you could also use something like this which might actually work better.

  4. Floral Wire - I used a similar grey wire that I had left over from FIDM, but the green floral wire is ideal.

  5. Twine

How to Make it:

  1. 1) Wrap wire around the ring, to form a peace sign.

  2. 2) Cut Rosemary to fit around the ring.

  3. Place Rosemary around the wring so that no metal is showing.

  4. Start wrapping the wire around the rosemary, so that it is secured tightly. I wrapped it about every half inch.

  5. Once the rosemary is covering the wreath, add desired amount of eucalyptus and secure with wire the same way.

  6. Wrap the twine around the top of the wreath. Leaving a long string at each end so that you can hang the wreath.

DIY peace wreath
DIY rosemary peace wreath.

Creative and Refreshing Christmas Tree Trends

Need some inspiration for your Christmas Tree this year? I've rounded up some of the best trends yet! 

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I've been thinking about how I'm going to decorate for Christmas this year. I'm beyond excited to finally have a fireplace, and mantel to decorate! Not to mention Poppy is going to be turning four on Christmas Eve, so this year she will fully comprehend Santa Clause, and all the magic that surrounds this time of year. 

As I scrolled through Pinterest, looking for inspiration for my Christmas decor, I stumbled across some interesting Christmas tree trends that I'm excited to share. The first one happens to be the upside down Christmas tree trend. I found this one fascinating because it seems so odd to me, but apparently the upside down Christmas tree is becoming more and more popular, since it is a unique way to display what may have been an ordinary tree. Evidently, this type of tree shows off the ornaments better, as they tend to hang straight down with out getting covered in the tree's branches. 

The Next Trend that caught my eye was the pink Christmas Tree! I showed Poppy these, and she referred to them as the Princess Christmas Trees! Perfect for the girlie girl, or metro man, and I have to admit I kind of love these pink trees! 

Photo:  Hayneedle

Photo: Hayneedle

Photo:  pinterest

Photo: pinterest

Another trend that I found intriguing, was the bare Christmas tree trend. Without seeing a picture of it, I thought the bare Christmas tree trend would be a bit boring, but after seeing some stunning pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, I fully changed my mind, and found a bare Christmas tree to be quite refreshing and inventive. I especially like how some people are putting their tree's in baskets this year.  What do you think? Would you bare it all? 

The last craze that I saw and feel in love with was the floral Christmas tree trend. I originally saw this tree on Design Love Fest a few years ago, and I've been wanting to re-create it every year since. However, fake flowers are not cheap so to do this right you either have to be willing to splurge, or get really lucky at the dollar store and score some beautiful faux flowers. It looks like Evie Kemp did the latter as she decorated her tree with $2 fake flowers and cocktail umbrellas this year. 

Photo: Design Love Fest

Photo: Design Love Fest

Photo:  Evie Kemp

Which Trend do you like best? Hopefully some of these will inspire you as we creep into December. For more idea's be sure to check out my Holiday Decor Bored on Pinterest!