Creative and Refreshing Christmas Tree Trends

Need some inspiration for your Christmas Tree this year? I've rounded up some of the best trends yet! 

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I've been thinking about how I'm going to decorate for Christmas this year. I'm beyond excited to finally have a fireplace, and mantel to decorate! Not to mention Poppy is going to be turning four on Christmas Eve, so this year she will fully comprehend Santa Clause, and all the magic that surrounds this time of year. 

As I scrolled through Pinterest, looking for inspiration for my Christmas decor, I stumbled across some interesting Christmas tree trends that I'm excited to share. The first one happens to be the upside down Christmas tree trend. I found this one fascinating because it seems so odd to me, but apparently the upside down Christmas tree is becoming more and more popular, since it is a unique way to display what may have been an ordinary tree. Evidently, this type of tree shows off the ornaments better, as they tend to hang straight down with out getting covered in the tree's branches. 

The Next Trend that caught my eye was the pink Christmas Tree! I showed Poppy these, and she referred to them as the Princess Christmas Trees! Perfect for the girlie girl, or metro man, and I have to admit I kind of love these pink trees! 

Photo:  Hayneedle

Photo: Hayneedle

Photo:  pinterest

Photo: pinterest

Another trend that I found intriguing, was the bare Christmas tree trend. Without seeing a picture of it, I thought the bare Christmas tree trend would be a bit boring, but after seeing some stunning pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, I fully changed my mind, and found a bare Christmas tree to be quite refreshing and inventive. I especially like how some people are putting their tree's in baskets this year.  What do you think? Would you bare it all? 

The last craze that I saw and feel in love with was the floral Christmas tree trend. I originally saw this tree on Design Love Fest a few years ago, and I've been wanting to re-create it every year since. However, fake flowers are not cheap so to do this right you either have to be willing to splurge, or get really lucky at the dollar store and score some beautiful faux flowers. It looks like Evie Kemp did the latter as she decorated her tree with $2 fake flowers and cocktail umbrellas this year. 

Photo: Design Love Fest

Photo: Design Love Fest

Photo:  Evie Kemp

Which Trend do you like best? Hopefully some of these will inspire you as we creep into December. For more idea's be sure to check out my Holiday Decor Bored on Pinterest!