September Mood

September mood_.jpg

This month I am really into curves! Curvy sofa’s, curvy chairs, curvy lamps, all kinds of curvy furniture, as well as fashion and art with curvy lines. I’m also really into mustard yellow, which is interesting because this time last year I had a thing for the color as well. Maybe it’s because we are approaching fall, and it feels like a fall color. I’m also really loving all the channel tufted furniture right now. Something about those lines really intrigue me. My eyes are attracted to it, weather it’s on an ottoman bench like in my mood board above, or it’s on a wall serving as a backdrop for banquette seating like the image below from ETC.etera.

Additionally, I’m loving sculptural art for decor. Something about those unique hand made pieces are so special because they usually tell some kind of story. Anyways, those are the trends I’m loving this month! Can’t wait to see what next month looks like!