Mood / August

Mood / August

I’ve been really inspired lately, so I thought I would start creating monthly mood boards as a place to gather everything that is inspiring me at the moment. I can’t help but see new inspiring things every day, and I finally feel that I am able to hone in on my own personal style, and what that means for me. I have always gravitated towards color, and I still do love color, especially that unexpected pop of color, but lately I am more drawn to the earthy colors, especially the dusty pink’s and terracotta rust colors. I’ve always loved black and white, and think that is a classic color combo that I will always work into my designs. As far as shapes go, i’ve been having a thing for arch’s lately, and have been seeing them everywhere. But I am also loving the raw and organic shapes right now, especially when it comes to ceramics, and furniture. As I hone in on my style, I see myself gravitating towards natural materials such as marble, wood, clay and metals. Anything that is unique, and different will always intrigue me, and I will always strive to be unique myself.

I am really getting inspired by a mixture of things such as architecture, fashion, home, and lifestyle (especially all those uplifting and inspiring quotes). I think I will aim to put at least one of those uplifting quotes in each of my monthly mood boards, as those always hit home hard for me.

Hopefully you enjoyed my August Mood! Now I want to know what is inspiring you this month? Shoot me a comment below.

xXx Lizzie

August Mood by Popix Designs