ORC Week 6: The Big Reveal

It’s week six of the One Room Challenge, and you know what that means…It’s reveal time! If you want to see the before pictures click back here to week one. I am thrilled with the way Poppy and Pixie’s room turned out. It is all that I imaged, and the girls could not be happier! Although Pixie’s first impression of her new big girl bed was quite funny. She was napping upstairs in our bed, as Matt and I were assembling her new twin size bed. She woke up just as we were finishing, and came down into her room. She looked at the bed and said “I Don’t want it! Where is my crib?!” I told her tough luck, this is your new bed! Then when it was time to go to bed that night she crawled into her new bed and said “Mommy, I can touch the wall, and I can see Poppy, I LOVE my new bed!! Ha, that’s toddlers for ya right? Pixie slept so well in her new bed that night, and I loved listening to her and Poppy talk to each other as they were falling asleep. Poppy would say things like “Pixie you’re a big girl now, you have a big girl bed like me!” and Pixie would reply “Yes, I a big girl now, but I don’t want to go on the potty.” Their bond is so close, it melts my heart!

Lizzie Nursery0293.jpg

Anyways, if you have been following along you already know that I hand painted the mural myself. At first the idea didn’t even occur to me. I had found some wallpaper that I really liked, but it was $600, and I really didn't want to drop that kind of money just on one wall. That’s when my Mother in Law suggested I paint it instead. I gave it some thought and figured if it didn’t turn out well, I could always paint over it or buy some cheaper wallpaper. Luckily the design came out beautifully, and I didn’t have to resort to plan B. The wall mural only cost me $36 in paint and supplies, so it was a win win! Plus it’s a unique one of a kind design now, which are the best kind of designs if you ask me.

Lizzie Nursery0330.jpg
A shared girls room
Heart Hooks

One of Poppy’s favorite parts of the room, were these cute heart hooks I found at Urban Outfitters. She was so excited to hang her and Pixie’s purses up on them. These hooks are sold individually, but I bought three so the girls could each have one to hang something on, and an extra because decor usually looks best when grouped in odd numbers.

Lizzie Nursery0320.jpg

The rug also came from Urban Outfitters one of my favorite places to buy unique and affordable pieces. This rug was only $100 and is now on sale for only $79! It is a great rug for the price, and it matches the pink I used in the wall perfectly. But if you do buy a rug like this, and it is going on hardwood floor, just be sure to buy a rug pad as well. We used the rug the first week without a pad, and it kept moving all over the place. Now that we have a rug pad, it is staying put, and holding up well. Amazon has rug pads for unbeatable prices, I bought this one and it is working out great!

Lizzie Nursery0349.jpg
Block Shop Textile Prints

One of my favorite aspects of the girls room, are these amazing Block Shop Textile Prints. I like them because they are simple, but they make a bold statement. They are also something I see the girls having in their room for a long time. Since they are black and white, they will go with pretty much everything. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of art that would only suit the girls personality for a few years. Instead I wanted to invest in pieces that would grow with the girls. I think these prints add a level of sophistication to the room, while the heart hooks, and stuffed dolls, and animals add a more youthful vibe. Those things are cheaper, and can be replaced as the girls get older, where as art usually tends to be a bit more expensive and is something I like to invest in when I can.

Twin Girls bed
Twin girls bed

Another favorite detail of mine, have to be the pink half moon pillows by Adaptation NY . When I first found this brand on Instagram I fell in love with all their pillows. I especially love the velvet triangle pillows that they make, but I thought the shape of the half moon pillows complimented the shapes in my wall mural so well, I had to go with those ones. Plus they look pretty cute paired with the Target stuffed doll and stuffed unicorn.

Mid-century Modern dresser
modern kids bookcase
Styling details

I’m pretty happy with how this area turned out as well. We already had the Ikea dresser and the book case from Crate & Kids, so the only thing I had to get for this area was the decor. Has anyone else noticed the trend of oversized lighting lately? I’ve seen oversized scones everywhere, and I think oversized table lamps are the next big thing! I found this one at France & Sons and I am so happy with the contrast it brings to the room. The Poppies print by Georgia O’Keeffe was a no brainer for me. For one, Poppy loves it because her name is Poppy and she loves anything Poppy related, but I also just thought it was such a beautiful print for a young girls room. I just had to have it!

Girls closet

If you read last week’s post you know all about the updates I made to the girls closet. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Lizzie Nursery0302.jpg

Before I leave you with a few photos of the girls enjoying their new room, I wanted to share this last shot. My talented photographer Jessica Alexander and I were messing around with using a disco ball to create reflections in the room, and by some odd chance the reflections turned into hearts and Jess managed to snap a picture just as it was happening. Talk about Magic am I right?!

Poppy and Pixie
Sisters jumping on the bed
Pixie May
Poppy & Pixie
The girls and I reading a story together. The End.

The girls and I reading a story together. The End.

I hope you enjoyed following along my six week process of designing a room. If you enjoyed it, there are many other amazing designs to check out over on the Better Homes and Gardens Blog, just click here to explore more! And if you like my designs, and are interested in having me design a room for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am an interior designer and I would love to help!

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