ORC Week Three// A Hand Painted Mural

This week I hand painted a mural in the girls bedroom. If you have been following along with my ORC journey, you know that I first drafted out what I wanted the wall to look like in photoshop. You can see what that looks like here. The next step was picking out colors. Luckily I have a fan deck of Behr paint swatches, and I was able to narrow it down to a few diffrent shades of pink.

paint swatches.jpg

After purchasing a few different shades of pink, I went home and painted each color on a piece of white paper. Once the paint was dry, I took the pieces of paper into the room, to see which colors I liked best. I settled on Pink Quarts, and Bubble Shell by Behr.

Once the room was prepped for paint, I lightly sketched in pencil, the design that I wanted to paint. This step was imperative, as I did erase parts of it several times because it didn’t seem just right. When I was finally happy with the pencil sketch, I began to paint the black line which was the most dominant part of the mural. I used a one inch sponge brush to paint the line, and I used a smaller paint brush to fill in the gaps, and tidy up the design.

painting .jpg
My little Helpers!

My little Helpers!


After I painted the black line. I taped over the areas of the black line. where the pink line intercepted. That way the lines were very clean where the two colors met.


Once I finished painting the lines, it was splatter time! I first tested out a few techniques for paint splattering, outside in my backyard with some newspaper. At first the paint was too thick, and did not splatter. So I poured some paint into a plastic cup, and slowly added some water, until I had a thinner paint consistency which I thought was good for splattering. The first technique I used to get the spatter affect was, pulling the paint brush back with one finger, and then letting the paint brush go. This worked well for all the smaller splatter marks. But if you decide to do this, just make sure the surrounding area is fully covered with plastic, so that you do not get paint everywhere. For the larger splatter marks, I decided to use a bigger brush, that was very flat. I then made sure there was plenty of paint on the brush, and I just kind of flicked the brush towards the wall. In the end, I think the mural turned out quite pretty. The splatters look organic, and the lines look smooth. Most importantly, Poppy and Pixie love it, so that makes me happy.

Hand Painted Mural

Now, I am even more excited for the room to come together! Next week, I’ll tackle the closet, as I wait for all the other items in the room to arrive. See you then! xXx Lizzie

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