October Mood

Popix October Mood Board

Last month I designed a bohemian bedroom for a client, and I can’t wait to see it all come together! But as I dived into the boho scene I found myself loving a lot of the trends, like pampas grass for decor. It’s something that I can see myself using in future projects. I was really inspired by the image above with the blue palm leaf and other dried grasses. I ordered some dried florals from an Etsy shop, and some dried palm leaves, and some pampas grass and I plan on making a few arrangements for my client. As I was designing my clients bedroom, I thought maybe I could include some of the boho elements into future projects, and my style could lean more towards the modern bohemian. Continuing to use furniture with crisp lines like the table above, and accompanying them with accessories that have fringe, and other decor pieces that allude the bohemian trend. I think blending styles is one of my favorite parts of design. My client told me that she had this plant filled boho bedroom idea of what she wanted, and when she saw what I designed for her, she was so excited! She said “This is exactly what I wanted, I just didn’t even know I wanted it.” It is the perfect blend of modern and boho, and I can’t wait to install everything so I can show you all. Until then, I’ll continue to mix styles in a unique way, and i’ll let you know what I’m lusting over next month.