How to Style Your TV Console

If you're like me, you enjoy watching TV, but you don't enjoy looking at that giant black rectangle when your not watching it. The good news is, their are ways to style your TV console, so that it appears more balanced and has a pretty aethetic. 

TV editedjpg.jpg

Here are some fast tips to help you get started with styling your TV console. 

Another example of stacking accessories to achieve height.

Another example of stacking accessories to achieve height.

  • Step 1) Start with some height. On the left of the TV, I've used three different flower vases grouped together. In the tallest vase, I put some long stem flowers to give that area some added height and organic texture. You can also use some smaller house plants, in plant stands to create a similar look.

  • Step 2) Conceal electrical cords. No one wants to see those ghastly cords! So you can either have an electrician hide the cords by cutting a hole in the wall, or you can buy cord covers from IKEA that you can paint to match the color of your walls. Both options work great depending on your budget.

  • Step 3) Stack coffee table books for more height. To the right of the TV, i've stacked two coffee table books to add some additional height. I've then laid a piece of drift wood that I found on the beach. I wrapped colored thread around the drift wood to give it more texture and personality. You can also stack other accessories on top of these books like decorative metal objects, or marble shapes. CB2 always have a great selection of these kinds of things, but sometimes I find the best accessories at local thrift stores or flea markets.

  • Step 4) Hang something to the left or right of the TV. I hung a clock to the left of the TV for another layer of distraction. A piece of art would work well too.

Below are some more examples of how other people have styled their media consoles, using similar techniques. 

So what do you think, are you ready to disguise your TV now? It's easy as pie!