DIY// Wallpapered Stairs

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs

I'm always trying to find fun ways to turn our house into a home. I love putting personal touches on our home to make it feel more like us. One of my next home projects is getting the guest room in order, and when I was browsing wallpaper ideas online on Walls Need Love, I saw that they featured wallpaper stairs, which is what inspired this project. Using removable wallpaper, this project was so much easier than I thought it wold be! I did it over the course of two days while Pixie was napping, so about a total of four hours. Not bad if you ask me!

What you will need:

  1. Fun removable wallpaper of your choice. I got mine here at Walls Need Love

  2. A tape measurer

  3. An exacto knife and plenty of new blades

  4. A T-Ruler (for best results)

  5. A regular ruler, or drafting triangle

  6. Some kind of credit card, gift card, etc

  7. A large cutting board.


DIY How to wallpaper your stairs

1. Measure your stairs, and order enough wallpaper so that you have some extra, allowing room for error. 

2. Measure first stair with your measuring tape, and make a note of the dimensions. Now add one inch to each dimension. 

3.Using your exacto knife, and your T-ruler, ( I used a drafting triangle because that was all I had, but a T-ruler will work best) Cut out the dimensions of your first stair, with the added one inch on each side. 

  4. Lay your wallpaper up against your first stair. It should have an overhang of about one inch on each side. If it does, you are ready to stick your paper on. 

5. Peel the backing off your wallpaper, and place the top two corners on your stair. With your credit card, slowly press wallpaper down so that it is covering the entire stair with out any air bubbles. If it doesn't look great the first time you can peel off and do it again. That's the beauty of this wallpaper!

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs

6.Once your wallpaper is laying smooth against your stair, press your ruler or drafting triangle against the bottom edge of the stair where the excess wallpaper is hanging, and use your Exacto knife to cut a straight edge. Do this for the side edge as well. 


7. Peel away the excess wall paper strip from each side, and use your credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. 

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs



8. Repeat until stairs are finished. Note be sure to measure each stair separately because their may be discrepancies in height or length. Also be sure to change your exacto knife blade frequently, as a dull knife will not cut paper smoothly. 

DIY how to wallpaper your stairs!
DIY Wallpapered stairs
DIY wallpaper stairs
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Let me know what you think of my wallpapered stairs in the comment section below. Would you try this trend? Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Hope you have a beautiful day!!