DIY Pink Hair

Pink Hair, Don't Care! 

If you have a young daughter, the chances are that her favorite color is probably pink! Poppy turned four last December, and she has loved the color pink for a while now. If it were up to her, she would wear pink shoes, pink socks, pink leggings, and a pink dress everyday. Thankfully, it is not always up to her, but the girl does love pink! So I figured I should give her some rock star pink hair while it's still her favorite color. And what better time to dye a girl's hair pink, than Valentine's Day? 

The good thing about this hair dye, is that it is temporary. It washes out in four to eight shampoos, which is why I decided to get in on the fun too!  I've always wanted pink hair, but I was perpetually worried I would not like it, or I would get sick of it after a while, so this was the perfect solution for me. Now that I have done this a few times, I figured I would share some tips and tricks for achieving the perfect shade of pink that you are craving. 

I used L'OREAL Colorista semi-permanent hair dye in pink! An important thing to know, is that this product will only work on blonde hair, or bleached hair. Poppy has natural blonde highlights, so the dye tends to only stick to her blonde hair, and does not show up on her darker strands. The end result looks more like pink highlights, rather than a whole head of pink hair, but I prefer that look anyways. 

If you have bleached hair like me, you will want to be careful with how long you leave the dye on your hair for. I had just gotten my hair highlighted before I did this, and my hairdresser mentioned that my hair would be very porous, and that it might soak up the pink dye easily, so she recommended that I mix my hair dye with conditioner to tone it down a bit.

Since Poppy has very fine hair, with no bleach, I decided to dye her hair first. I put her in the bathtub, to avoid making a mess, or getting hair dye on her clothes. I only used half the tube of dye on her hair, and then proceeded to follow the directions that came with the hair dye. I made sure to saturate her hair completely in dye, and then I set a timer for 30 minutes. Poppy was happy to play in the bath with her toys while the dye set in, and I got started on my own hair. 

Dying our hair pink!

Luckily my mother in law is in town right now, and she was the one who dyed my hair. After I had mixed the remaining hair dye, with equal parts conditioner, she began to paint my hair pink. She started by painting the bottom of my hair, and worked her way up, dyeing the front pieces of my hair last where the bleach was the most prominent. We set the timer for ten minutes, and washed off a tiny bit of hair when the timer went off. This allowed us to see how my hair was reacting to the dye. It looked pretty pink after ten minutes, so I decided to hop in the shower and rinse the rest off, since I didn't want to go ultra pink like Poppy. The end results turned out to be more of a rose gold, which I was very happy about. 

pink hair .JPG
poppy hair .jpg
poppy .jpg

Now who's ready to dye their hair pink?! Feel free to share photos of your pink hair, and any tips or tricks that I should know, in the comments section below.

Happy Valentines Day!!