Life Hacks!

We all have that useful piece of advice that we have learned from someone we respect in life. Sometimes these tips seem tiny, but these are the things that stick with us, the things we follow to this day, and the things we will pass along to our future generations. Some may be wives tales, and others may seem like the best life hacks ever! Here are some of my favorite tips. What have you learned along the way? Let me know if the comments!



life hacks!

Put a penny in the bottom of your vase, the flowers will last longer.

  • Always book flights on Tuesdays, for the cheapest prices! Additionally, clear your cache or use chrome’s incognito tabs when booking flights if you’ve been browsing for flights recently. They hike up the price if they can tell you’ve been looking!

  • If you cook with garlic, buy the pre-peeled ones and put them in the freezer. Frozen garlic comes out of the press so easily and doesn't go bad. 

  • Pineapple juice is five times more effective at treating a cough, then cough medicine. 

  • Freeze an onion 15 minutes before cutting it, to keep you from tearing up. 

  • Press 9 on your phone if you are getting a call from a telemarketer. Don't say anything, it will add your phone number to the do not call list. 

  • Run a cut avocado under cold water to keep it from browning. 

  • If your leg falls asleep, keep squeezing your thigh to wake it up. 

  • Store batteries in the fridge to extend their lifespan. 

  • If your cell phone gets wet, put it in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight to dry it out, and get it working again. 

  • When traveling on an airplane, wipe down the folding tray with antibacterial wipes before your flight, to avoid getting sick. 

clean blinds with tongs

Wrap a microfiber cloth around kitchen tongs to clean window blinds.

  • Use Pine-Sol in the bottom of your toilet brush container, to keep the brush clean, and the bathroom smelling fresh. 

  • Use a garbage bag as a garment bag when moving and packing clothes on hangers. 

  • Clean your make-up brushes in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. 

  • 68 degrees in the optimal temperature for deep sleep.