A Tiny Bathroom Remodel

Our Tiny Bathroom Remodel on a Budget! 

When we first moved into our home, everything was a bit dated, and not really our style which made me eager to start renovating our new home. The first update we made to our home was installing new hardwood floors. We used a great company called Pacific Hardwood Flooring. We asked the owner Jay, who was also managing our project if he could take the tile out of our downstairs bathroom, since he was already going to have to use a jackhammer to take out the rest of the tile throughout our house. He said it would not be a problem, which made our lives much easier! We were originally intending to put this beautiful hexagon tile from Riad Tile into our bathroom, but Jay and his team accidentally ended up installing hardwood floors in our bathroom as well. Jay said that it was their fault and if we wanted to keep it, he was not going to charge us for it, so we decided to keep the hardwood floor in our bathroom, and I'm quite happy we did! It not only saved us money, but It actually makes our small bathroom (30 Sq ft)  look a bit bigger since there is no transition of flooring from the bathroom to the hallway. 

Now that we had new floors, it was time to get a new sink! The one we picked out is from Ikea, However, we made a few changes to it so that it wouldn't necessary look like an Ikea sink anymore.  The first addition to our ikea sink, was adding a matte black faucet. We then ordered custom ikea doors from SemiHandmade, this brilliant company that produces handmade doors that fit ikea cabinets. Once the ikea sink arrived, we had our local handyman install it, along with the new black matte faucet. Then my husband was able to easily install the custom doors once they arrived. I ordered some black handle pulls from build.com that my husband also installed and Voila, We have a new sink! I also found a great mirror from Ikea that seems to tie to whole look together. 

My Mom and I picked up some hexagon tile from Home Depot, and we managed to tile the backsplash on our own. I plan on writing a post on how to do that later this week, so please stay tuned! 

Since our shower and bath tub didn't look too old, we decided to keep the general white square tile while choosing to spend our money on updating the shower head to a matte black finish to match our new sink. I am so happy we made these small changes, because what use to be a dated bathroom, now looks so fresh and modern! 

A few final touches included adding matte black towel racks, a black toilet paper holder, a black shower rod, and hanging a beautiful print that we found while vacationing in Hawaii in a matte black picture frame. 

The total cost of our bathroom remodel was less then $1,500 which I was pretty pretty happy about! So take a peak below, and let me know what you think! Have you done your own bathroom remodel as well? Share a link in the comments. 




matte black fixtures
Ikea mirror!
Hexagon Back Splash
Black accents
our ikea sink updated!

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