DIY Flower Back Drop

DIY Flower Back Drop

Lately I've been obsessed with flowers, especially since I have the most beautiful flower shop right here in my neighborhood called Sea Lilly Malibu.  They have the loveliest flowers at Sea Lilly and  I am always excited by all the unique flowers that they have in their shop. However, during my last visit to Sea Lilly I was inspired by the elegant roses they had, so I decided to create a fun flower back drop with the roses I purchased.  


What you will need: 

Step 1) Cut the string to desired length, and tape to the wall in desired pattern.

Step 2) Using the electrical tape, tape flowers to the string in desired pattern. (I used electrical tape because it does not take the paint off the walls) I also snipped some rosemary from the garden to fill in the empty spaces between the roses. 

Step 3) If you can get your kids or pets to take cute photos, take as many as you can! 

These flower back drops can be used for the setting of your children's birthday invitation, Holiday family card, or simply just for fun! 

Poppy and Pixie had just woken up from a nap when I tried to take the first batch of photos. They were not excited about it, and I had to bribe Poppy with gummy bears. The second night, the flowers had dried out a bit, but I still wanted more photos. I managed to get the hubs on board with taking a few snaps of the girls. He is a much better photographer than I am!  Below are the best ones that we were able to capture. Does anyone have any good tips on taking photos of kids? I swear It is so much harder than it looks! 

Anyways, I hope this will inspire some of you to get creative with flowers! I sure am looking forward to decorating with more flowers as the Holidays sneak up upon us. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already?!  I Hope everyone has a lovely time with their friends or family!

xxx L

Poppy G